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Truck stop hell!!
Posted by AlucardCorporate Sucks on Wednesday, May 15 @ 10:03:12 EDT (16902 reads)

Anonymous writes "I worked in a well known corporate owned large truck stop retail chain and it sucked so bad, I can remember the frustration that I would feel towards people...examples..

1. We have like 20 something odd pumps in the front lot, we are usually really busy and if you dont look at your pump number, prepay for gas, someone can just pump your gas cuz you were too damn lazy. One night there is a guy and unfortunately the glass window is beind us pointing towards the pumps, he was like "I want 5$ white car out there"  "Sir, I need a pump number there are like 3 white cars out there"  " white pump 6."   "sir, are you sure? You wouldnt want to set it for the wrong pump and someone else pump your gas"  "yea im sure, give me my gas"  I set it up and we get busy and it is only 2 people checking out like 20 customers. Usually I can catch the stupid customers misteaks but not in this particular instance. He comes storming in and says that he did not get his gas, the pump is not working and it is not my fault. I ask "which pump is it?" "Six, I am on six." I look at my POS and there is nothing on pump six anymore. "Sir, It says that the gas was already pumped."  "Nah man I aint pump no gas, im on pump six"  I hold my breath and look out the window....squint through the glare of the lights on the window from within the store and to my horror, he is not on pump six, I turn to look at him and in front of the entire store let loose my anger "YOU MEAN PUMP 5!! YOU ARE ON PUMP 5, I TOLD YOU THAT THIS COULD HAPPEN IF YOU DID NOT TAKE A MINUTE TO LOOK AT THE CORRECT PUMP AND YOU GAVE ME A GUESS!!!" He looks at me at a loss of word or what to do because he knows he was wrong and lazy, the manager is the only other person working the registers and she has even stopped to look at me, at a loss for what to say...All I could do was say "go...go pump your dam gas and my fucking register will be short 5$ I guess Ill just get in trouble because you didnt want to step outside and check your pump...whatever, just go!"

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The longest 7 years of my entire life
Posted by AlucardCorporate Sucks on Monday, April 02 @ 23:24:01 EDT (4033 reads)

beefgoddess writes "I've been in the retail business for far too long. I made the enormous mistake of sidling into a retail job with a large corporation right out the gate. I have moved around to different stores, but have remained in retail. I worked at a department store for almost 3 years, and I dreaded working my lousy 5 hour week. Not necessarily because of the customer (because customer service involves dealing with difficult people), but the management was just absolutely horrid. There was one man who worked as an assistant manager who did his work, helped store associates get their job done by lending a hand and didn't complain about it! Go figure! Every other manager would bark orders at you and expect you to kiss their butt, knowing perfectly well that you needed the stupid job. The worst manager actually had the audacity of saying my attitude kept me from succeeding (I simply told her I would try my best). Seriously??"

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Walgreens: I'll NEVER spend a penny!
Posted by AlucardCorporate Sucks on Monday, March 05 @ 16:03:57 EST (14372 reads)

Anonymous writes "Hi.  I'm a pharmaceutical sales representative (seasoned, over 10 years in the industry).

I'm launching a new product and part of my job is to introduce myself to the Pharmacists, introduce my new drug, provide the clinical benefits and features for patients, plus drop off savings coupons for customers.


Most of the time, and in most cities, Walgreens Pharmacists are polite and generally are polite and respectful.

In Douglas, GA, I walked to the pharmacy & introduced myself to the Pharmacy tech that was standing by the register.  She said and I quote:  "We're not supposed to talk to pharma reps"."

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JCPenney Home Office is a Terrible Place to Work
Posted by AlucardCorporate Sucks on Monday, November 14 @ 22:08:35 EST (19980 reads)

Anonymous writes "They're always laying off people, there is no job security here. They just laid off a whole bunch of nice people in advertising last week. Some of these people had worked there for more than 15 years. JCPenney is also very youth based and discriminates against anyone over 50. Don't ever plan on working until you are 65 here, they will find and excuse and boot you out long before that. They don't like older people. Their benefits have always been lousy, the health insurance is pathetically inadequate. There is talk that they are outsourcing creative and other departments to India, so it's obvious they don't want to do business with Americans. They have absolutely NO regard for their employees, all they care about is how much money the corporate executives net. They dumped their catalogs, thinking everyone shops on line. What they didn't realize is that people like to browse through the catalogs before ordering on line. This caused their profits to plummet, obviously, they don't think through their decisions. Trust me, you DO NOT want to work here.


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What do I do?
Posted by AlucardCorporate Sucks on Monday, September 26 @ 22:23:19 EDT (4473 reads)

fishingbuddy writes "I was with Family Dollar for a little over three years. I took the reigns of the store in the middle of September. The inventory for the store was the previous July. There was about nine weeks that I was liable for the inventory of the store. The store is on the worst part of town and even has bars on the windows. During the year that I was store manager, I terminated two associates for stealing. Everyday I did what corporate said not to after the shoplifters....I would rather do that, catch them and retrieve my merchandise(I feel like i can say my because I was a shareholder of that company too.). My inventory was back in July and I didn't too well with inventory. Some big investors have bought stock in  the company and decided they would go out to the field and take pictures of some horrible stores...Yes I agree clean them up(my store was always recovered, organized,  and well stocked) There is all this pressure coming down from corporate to get the stores cleaned up, on top of the daily tasks that the store mgr has to complete everyday. This company pushes down all these daily tasks and they must be taken care of that day(which by the way....I did my job .....150%) And the biggest complaint i have with this company is how they snatch payroll away from us making the Managers and Assistant managers be in the stores by themselves at any given time of the day. My district manager came in on Friday and terminated me for bad inventory and violation of company policy.  I did what all other managers do...I went to the bank and wasn't gone for more than 10 minutes and left my number for my service assistant run off my register. I know this is against company policy but I did it anyway. I'm not doing what any other manager has done in the past. There's a lot more that goes on to that I never said anything about...since I have worked in four stores since i have been with the company. I am still in shock. I can't believe it. I gave 100% everyday to make my store look as good as it did. I guess they used me to clean up three stores and then got mad because I can't catch the theives which dwell inside the stores. My store is in a bad neighborhood not to mention bars on the windows.  Help"

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Listening To What Isn't Being Said
Posted by AlucardCorporate Sucks on Monday, August 15 @ 19:52:33 EDT (5514 reads)

teverton writes "

The chasm between what is often uttered on a corporate level and what is actually meant is as cavernous as the stale air which has moved in and taken up permanent residence between the ears of most District Managers. The words you actually hear pursing your employer’s chapped lips are little more than the white noise acting as a Klingon cloaking device camouflaging the between-the-lines code you’re assumed to be too daft to crack. But not unlike most mediocrity masquerading as authenticity, what isn’t said is usually louder than most of the syllabic muck through which you’re required to wade during any given eight hour shift.

Here are a few of my favorites.

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(Somewhat) Honest Answers To Stupid Interview Questions
Posted by AlucardCorporate Sucks on Thursday, July 28 @ 18:51:45 EDT (14208 reads)

teverton writes "
The only thing more enjoyable than interviewing for a job is a thorough prostate exam. That, or a good dose of chemotherapy. The joys of unemployment and job hunting are stressful and degrading enough by themselves, but when you are fortunate enough to actually score an interview, your reward is more often than not a series of mind-numbing irrelevant questions that have little or nothing to do with the job for which you are applying that are administered by some semi-conscious twat puddle reading from a corporate-generated standardized form authored by a borderline retard in some corporate home office three continents away.

Here are a few of my favorites. You’ll notice that none of these are in any way job-specific, relevant or worth the time you took to get a haircut, put on a tie, sniff the armpits of your one semi-clean shirt and show up fifteen minutes ahead of your scheduled interview for."

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The Real Reason Retail Sucks!!
Posted by RamokkCorporate Sucks on Friday, April 15 @ 07:53:42 EDT (8101 reads)

Anonymous writes "I'm going to tell you the REAL reason why Retail Sucks...

I don't care what you do in retail, you are working much harder and longer for less pay than any other industry. I'm sorry but it's painfully true. Retail just SUCKS when it comes to pay. They will burn you out and milk you dry if you let them.

In retail you will notice right away that you cannot even SIT DOWN to do work that any normal person would sit down to do. In retail, they force you to stand for 10+ hours a day for some insane reason.

In Retail you are expected to work insane hours and you will very often be asked to work through your lunch break. If you "move up" in retail and become a supervisor or assistant manager then you will find yourself working 50+ hours a week on a regular basis and you'll also find that no matter how hard you work to get ahead on the workload, the workload will be adjusted higher so you'll never reach a resting point.

If you bust your butt and process 50 boxes of freight one day well you just set the new STANDARD they expect you to achieve each and every day after that new record you just set. You just shot yourself in the foot because NOW they will expect 55 boxes a day... If you should reach that level by some miracle, then they expect 60 boxes a day...

Let's say you get a busy day and your sales hit $8000 a day for the store setting a new sales level for that particular day of the year. Well, from now on they will expect $8800 on that day and failure to EXCEED this sales goal means you are NOT doing your job good enough...

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