The dealer is the bad guy?
Date: Thursday, August 08 @ 10:18:28 EDT
Topic: Customers Suck

Customer calls in on a used vehicle.  Customer asks what the condition of the undercarriage of said vehicle is like.  After laughing and telling them that I didn't know because, as a salesperson, I'm supposed to look presentable and clean and do not have the time to crawl under and inspect the condition of the undercarriage of every used Jeep, the customer explains that my 'attitude' was costing me the sale and that he'd never do business with me, interrupting me while I was trying to explain to him that I could have the Jeep put on a lift and that I'd be happy to get him pictures of the undercarriage.

After driving across town to pick up said vehicle, placing it on a lift, and text messaging the customer photographs of the vehicle, I further explained that I was doing the best I could to cover for a co-worker on vacation, doing 2 peoples' jobs at the same time, and that I took the time out to get him pictures of what he was interested in and that I was willing to go the extra mile to earn his business.  After the customer sneered about him not wanting me to get dirty, he goes on to tell me that he'd never do business with me ever.

Sounds good to me. 

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