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Date: Tuesday, July 30 @ 12:25:51 EDT
Topic: Customers Suck

I used to work in a high end plumbing showroom. I would assist clients with selections for new home builds or remodeling projects.I have been a designer/showroom consultant for 15 years so believe me, I have seen it all! 
My first story took place when I was fairly new to the industry. I had an older gentleman come into the showroom. He was inquiring on the water depth in a toilet. He began to explain to me that he need a toilet with very low water. He began to explain to me that he has an issue with his current toilet holding a lot water in the bowl. He is specifically looking for one with low water so his testicles or balls as he stated wouldn't touch the water. I said, "uhhh....I am not sure what the water height is but I could call the manufacturer and see if they have the answer". I go to call and he begins to sit on every toilet to see where his "balls"would hit in the bowl!

2nd story happened about 3 years ago. Again, an older, distinguished gentleman came in looking for a brand new faucet. The faucet he was looking at was about $600 so money wasn't an issue for him. I checked stock and told him I had to order it and it would be about 2 weeks. He said great....he was going to go home and show his wife a picture and see if she approved. If she did, he would be back to order. About 1 week later, I was sitting talking to my co-worker. We heard the door open and in walked a man dressed as a woman. Because my co-worker was closest to him...errr...her, she got up and approached the man/woman. He/she states that I had been helping him/her. I was baffled! He/she sat down in front of me and pulled out a piece of paper from his/her purse.  He/she pulled out a paper with a faucet on it and $600 and 2 week lead time. Just then it hit me! This was the gentleman that had been in a week prior. Let me say that this gentleman was dressed to the max! Wig, lipstick, makeup, Lee Press on nails, wrap dress, hose, heels and purse! The whole thing blew me away! He did order the faucet so at least I got a sale out of it!

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