15 Year Retail Clerk Breaking Down
Date: Wednesday, June 05 @ 16:33:57 EDT
Topic: Customers Suck

I live in St.Louis, Mo and I must say I am happy to be part of a blog that will let you get whatever you need to off your chest about the "wacky world of retail".  I will not tell you where I work but I will say that I have sympathy for you all who are just frustrated and fed up with companies, policies and most of all customers.  I am currently working on a book that is for people who have never worked a day in their life or have never worked retail and they all think they understand and they don't. Chapters will be on coupons, how to treat employees with respect and kindness and to not throw things at us (such as money, credit cards, reward cards etc) when we are doing our job by asking, "how are you doing today?"

I am tired of asking people if they have a goofy rewards card.  Everyday I sound like a broken record.  I'm sick of people (mostly old crabby people) throwing shit at me like money credit cards etc.  It's rude and I'm sick of it.  I really try not to let things get to me but when you've been in the business as long as me and there isn't a whole lot out there for someone who doesn't have money to get a good education to go to college plus being ADD and learning disabled really makes it all more complicated too.  Anyway, retail is all I know.  Except for my songwriting and me being a musician on the side of it all.  Which is my real passion.  I am tired of letting people get to me.  I hate customers!  Everyone is rude and mean and because they've had bad service somewhere they think everyone's like that.  Hell, I've gone shopping and had one day where it was everywhere I went people were rude to me.  I went online and did serveys and told them the treatment I recieved everywhere, I didn't really get any apologies just questions thrown in my face about stupid stuff.  JC Penny was one of them!  But does that still give me the right to go and spend my whole day treating everyone like shit?  NO! In some cases I want a job where I can sit in an office and just do paper work and not have to look at anyone.  I am sick of retail and I am in the process of finding a new job.  Everyone says they are hiring, but why won't they hire me?  I have wonderful customer service experience and I am a very fun person to work with.  I have been having issues with losing weight for 2 years now.  I am the heaviest I have ever been and the job I am currently at, I started smoking because it was so stressful.  Stress has taken over me and I am trying so hard to get rid of it but it follows me everywhere I go.  I take things too personally and I know that, but my whole life I was always wondering what people thought, and here I am 34 years old and still doing it.  I have got to get a new job before I have a heartattck or something.  Because, the customers, the coupons...OMG LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT COUPONS!  These customers with coupons are really stressing me out!  We were told to take expired ones and I don't feel right about it.  I got transfered to another store that is further away from where I live and I have been so exausted because of the drive to work, the rules about certain things are different than at my other store, coupon queens, I can't name it all now but it's worse than ever!  I have tried to transfer back bu they are not letting me and I have made myself sick...litterally.  I have called in a couple of times due to having emotional breakdowns, (I suffer from anxiety, depression and panic attacks to where I am scared to leave my home sometimes)  am I being treated for it?  No.  I have no insurance, no money.  I am so tired of being broke.  I just want to be happy again.  I have never worked at a job before that has made me so depressed and caused me to be so fat.  I lost my son in dec 2011 and since then I was having issues with my weight.  Thinking that it was all just being depressed and stressed, well it was but there was more than that...when I started working for the company I am with now, I got part time insurance and it sucks ass btw, I got my thyroid checked and it turns out I was diagnosed with Graves Disease.  I am still currently being treated for it.  When I started working for the company, I was calling in sick.  Emotional breakdowns, trauma and nausea, also my neck and body were really hurting, well a lot of it was caused by the Graves.  I used to have a boss years ago that would take you under your wing and was like a dad.  You could talk to him about anything work or personal and he was cool to talk too, now a days, that don't exist anymore.  Managers don't give a shit if your lying in the street with your arms and legs cut off, "So you can't make it in today?"  they would say.  Yeah, that's the way managers are.  I don't expect them to be buddy, buddy with me but for God's sake ask me if i'm ok.  Is there anything I can do to help?  I;'m sorry for your loss.  Instead it's all about numbers and they don't care what's wrong with you.  As long as you are there with a smile greeting people, so they don't have to.  I hate my job, customers and coupons!  I don't even want to cut coupons out of the paper anymore becuse it makes me sick to look at them!  I want a real job!  I need a job period!  I know that many of you may relate to how I feel and many of you might say, well then quit.  It's not that easy to quit when you have no money or another job to fall back on either.  You don't quit a job without having another.  I don't have a husband that I can live off of like a lot of women do.  Don't have anyone to carry me, I have myself.  I just wish managers would be a little more understanding and sympathetic to people like me in my situation.  I don't expect to be pampered, but I expect some understanding and to just back off a little, and when I say that I would rather put stock up and not be behind the counter today, accept that.  I don't feel comfortable with people makeing me do things I don't want to do.  Just let me do something else around the store besides check people out.  I know I'm the best at it but give me a break from the customers.  I'm sick of retail and I want out.  I tell kids who are planning for college, "go to school and get a real job!"  belive me you dont want this.  Go achieve your dreams and get a good paying job that will give you a good pension and benefit through all of it.  Wish my parents would've encouraged me but because of my disability, they thought it wouldn't work out and it would be just money down the drain for them.  I just want to feel good again, happy and skinny again.  I'm trying to lose weight belive me, but it's not working.  I am seriously stressed and medication won't help.  Belive me, it won't help.  Now I had to get rid of the insurance I had because I didn't have the money for it anymore.  Hours got cut at my old store which is why I had to transfer to another one.  Now I got written up  because of my being sick ( calling in).  Hope someone out there knows how I feel.  I am trying but I'm so tired.

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