Truck stop hell!!
Date: Wednesday, May 15 @ 09:03:12 EDT
Topic: Corporate Sucks

I worked in a well known corporate owned large truck stop retail chain and it sucked so bad, I can remember the frustration that I would feel towards people...examples..

1. We have like 20 something odd pumps in the front lot, we are usually really busy and if you dont look at your pump number, prepay for gas, someone can just pump your gas cuz you were too damn lazy. One night there is a guy and unfortunately the glass window is beind us pointing towards the pumps, he was like "I want 5$ white car out there"  "Sir, I need a pump number there are like 3 white cars out there"  " white pump 6."   "sir, are you sure? You wouldnt want to set it for the wrong pump and someone else pump your gas"  "yea im sure, give me my gas"  I set it up and we get busy and it is only 2 people checking out like 20 customers. Usually I can catch the stupid customers misteaks but not in this particular instance. He comes storming in and says that he did not get his gas, the pump is not working and it is not my fault. I ask "which pump is it?" "Six, I am on six." I look at my POS and there is nothing on pump six anymore. "Sir, It says that the gas was already pumped."  "Nah man I aint pump no gas, im on pump six"  I hold my breath and look out the window....squint through the glare of the lights on the window from within the store and to my horror, he is not on pump six, I turn to look at him and in front of the entire store let loose my anger "YOU MEAN PUMP 5!! YOU ARE ON PUMP 5, I TOLD YOU THAT THIS COULD HAPPEN IF YOU DID NOT TAKE A MINUTE TO LOOK AT THE CORRECT PUMP AND YOU GAVE ME A GUESS!!!" He looks at me at a loss of word or what to do because he knows he was wrong and lazy, the manager is the only other person working the registers and she has even stopped to look at me, at a loss for what to say...All I could do was say "go...go pump your dam gas and my fucking register will be short 5$ I guess Ill just get in trouble because you didnt want to step outside and check your pump...whatever, just go!"

2. I hate truckers...the greater portion of them are nasty, smelly, fat, lazy, grumpy, miserable people who just want to get a rise out of you or get something for nothing. One guy came up to me and was like "I dont like your coffee"  "Im sorry sir, was it bad or cold or what?"  "I dont like it, Folgers is better, you need to sell folgers, these people are stupid for buying your coffee"   "Ok sir, I will let management know"   I HATE PEOPLE.

3. Im working a night shift and I hate the greyhound bus that stops at my truck stop. If you are riding the greyhound bus, you are either a crackhead, theif, homeless, or on the run from the law. If you are a genuine person, it is probably the first time you have ever ridden the bus and you made a mistake. One guy walks out of the store and gets on the bus without paying for his coffee (yes it was deliberate...its happened more times than you can think name it...candy, drinks, electronics, food, anything.) I proceeded to board the bus and confront the man, Refusing to pay for it, i took the coffee back, I would have called the police but we already call the police every other night for shit like this so we are on a first name basis and I happen to know that the officers on duty for our area are enjoying a free meal on us at the resteraunt connected to us, I could not being myself to disturb those good men. The low lifes on the bus proceeded to "Boo" me off the bus for not letting him get away with theft...WTF!!!

One lady came in to just curse me out about how her card didnt work at the pump...that was all she wanted. "My card never works here!! what is wrong with your effing pumps?"  "I apologize ma'am, I could maybe go out with you and see if it is a problem with the pump, sometimes the pin pads have problems"  "All I want is some gas and it never works! Why do you even have pumps if they dont work?" "I am sorry ma'am, maybe you could try another pump or I could have our maintinence guy check the pump out to help you, or I could help you get gas by pre paying you in here?" "I hate this place, you guys are no help and my card wont work at your pump!" she storms out "Have a nice day ma'am"  "f-you."

NOTE: 9 times out of 10 is is usually customer error when the pump does not work, I.E. you pressed the wrong button, you pressed cancel, your card has virtually no strip left on it and you still try to use it at the pump. you dont lift the handle after lifting the nozzel....9 times out of 10 and I could stake my paycheck on it.

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