On the Grind -- A Service Industry Comic Strip
Date: Tuesday, April 30 @ 14:55:19 EDT
Topic: Customers Suck

It's not really a single story, but I've worked in the service industry for over ten years, mostly in coffee shops. I've dealt with crazy customers, crazy co-workers and management, BS schedules, 4:45am openings, and well, everything. My experiences led me to create a comic strip a few years ago about the service industry. It's called On the Grind, and I wanted to share it with you today. It's comedic, and a lot of it is based on true stories. 

I also have a book based on the comic, called The Worst Day Ever:

Anyways, I hope you check out the comic, and read my stories about the craziness that happens behind the counters of your favorite coffee shop.


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