I still Hate Christmas in Retail
Date: Sunday, February 24 @ 23:03:30 EST
Topic: Customers Suck

I was surfing other "anti-christmas" web sites and can't quite figure out why we celebrate this holiday in the first place. I know December 25Th marks the birth of Jesus Christ in the Christian tradition, but what's the excuse for everyone else? If the number of shoppers in the malls during the holidays were an true indication of Christian believers, the churches would be full every Sunday and the football stadiums empty. But we know that's not the case. Christians and non-Christians alike celebrate the tradition of SHOP TIL YOU DROP this time each year. I think we should call it "Merry Shopmas" instead of "Merry Christmas"! Capitalism took the Christ out of Christmas decades ago.

But why? I think we can't live without the stress in our lives. We can't feel alive without the stress? We don't feel like we're accomplishing anything without the rush of the shopping season?

I, for one, have enough stress! After all, I'm married! My husband has no concept of money and wouldn't put a dirty sock in the laundry even if his life depended on it! Still waiting to get back the $200 he loaned to someone I don't even know and wondering why I always believe him when he says, "This is the LAST tool I need for the garage!"

Why the hell do we put ourselves through this madness every year? I always treasure the Christmas Eve customers who either demand to know why I don't have what they want or the ones who say, "I don't care if it's the wrong [fill in the blank], just give it to me! They can exchange it later!" So what, they'd rather buy CRAP then put any real effort into a gift??

Wanna know the best gift I ever gave? It was when I let myself into my sister's apartment while she was at work and cleaned it. I took out the trash, filled the fridge with food, and bought her a new phone & toy chest for her daughter. It was mid-summer and a total surprise. She was rendered speechless (quite a feat!) and only managed to squeal into the phone when she called me. That meant more then anything to me. And hopefully, to her, too.

On that thought, I need to end my day. Time to go to bed so I can get up early and intercept the lemming-like tide of shoppers that will flood the mall tomorrow. Happy Holidays to You (because someone might sue me if I wished you Merry Christmas!).

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