Pass the soap...and deodorant
Date: Tuesday, February 19 @ 06:26:59 EST
Topic: Coworkers Suck

I work in a retail store Accounting office. Three nights a week I have to work with a woman who I swear never takes a bath or uses deodorant. The office is a two-part office and we each work in one part. But unfortunately we both have to be in the main part eventually for certain tasks. She always has to reach above me to get certain supplies. When it's time to do the paperwork and research, she always feels the need to sit as close as possible when I'm researching on the computer. I'm always gagging and holding my breath when she's around. When she leaves for her breaks and lunches, I spray the room with Lysol. What's bad is that I'm not the only one suffering. The two daytime office workers can't stand the smell, either. They have to store-use air fresheners constantly. Even service managers who have to come in and out of the office complain. Unfortunately management doesn't seem to want to do anything about it even though the dress code policy states that "Hygiene must be of the highest caliber."

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