Voluntary Demotion
Date: Tuesday, February 12 @ 23:07:00 EST
Topic: Managers Suck

I've been working at CATO FASHIONS for 3 months. I was hired on as the new store manager. I have lots of experience in retail and I was looking for something on a more personal level.

Ok, I'm going to try and not sound too bitter. I was hired into this store without a first assistant and a second assistant that could only work closing shifts and that could not work Sundays. That left me working every day as well as open to close most days because I still needed to close two nights a week.

My training consisted of working on the floor for one week with the old store manager and the next week reading policies in the back room with another store manager.

My first audit was terrible. It was mostly on paper work. Well, I was only one of two managers and this was during the holidays so I figured that we'd be able to fix these problems easy.

Then, my DM went on medical leave and left two other store managers to split the district.

My second assistant quit. I was written up for not coming in on my day off when I couldn't.

I was the only manager in the store. I was not involved in the hiring process and no one still hand gone over the audit with me. I thought that I had fixed the paper work problems.

At any given time we only had two people working in the store and I was told numerous times that because we were a target store that I needed to be out on the sales floor at all times. During the holidays I was often on register with the only other employee in the store for hours on end.

I got a new second assistant and a new first assistant. I thought that everything was getting better. We were really making progress as far and the overall store appearance and morale.

Then, the other store shut down and they sent over the other first assistant. She told me that the DM had created a MIT position in my store so that she could have a job. The "store" they told me was that after the store opened back up in April that she was going to take over that store.

Inventory day was looking good. The store looked awesome. Morale was high and I was feeling very confident about it. My DM had just gotten back from medical leave and finally I'd be able to finish my training.

Halfway through the inventory I realized the DM was going through the paper work. SHE WAS GIVING ME AN AUDIT! I asked her if there was anyway that I could just correct the things that were easily correctable so that I could get a better score. She told me her hands were tied.

Then I was asked into the back room. I was basically told either I could step down or I was going to be let go. The MIT is now the new store manager and I'm a first assistant. I'm basically the extra manager now.

I'm stunned. I feel like I was set up for failure. I don't think that I ever was intended to stay on as the store manager. During these last 3 months I was brand new to CATO, hired on as a store manager with poor training. I worked an average of 60 hours a week. The only day I missed was my day off. I thought I was doing everything right. I have developed a good working relationship with those in the store and I thought that I was fair with scheduling. I've covered shifts for new store manager when she was sick and the second when she was sick and all the cashiers.

I can't help to think that the fact that the new store manager got the job because she has a personal relationship with the DM outside the store.

Well, now we have 4 managers. It's going to be really easy for the new store manager to "FIX" the back room. It's going to make her look really good and make me look worse. I put a lot into this store and the only thing that my DM could say was that I have a fantastic work ethic and that I could learn a lot from my new store manager.

Well, needless to say I'm looking for another job.

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