Poppy: The ALL NATURAL Analgesic
Date: Monday, February 11 @ 11:00:00 EST
Topic: Customers Suck

A customer came in asking me for some "natural" painkillers. I explained to her that I am a chemist and I mainly sell synthetic drugs. And if she is concerned about side effects, Tylenol is relatively safe.

She baulked at the idea of putting in a strange chemical in her body. And once again requested for a "natural" cure.

I told her while I respected her decision to stick to "natural" therapy I am unable to help her in this case. Cos I am primarily a pharmacist selling "non natural" drugs.

She then gave me a long lecture on the merits of natural therapy and suggested that I close down my pharmacy and stop killing innocent people with weird chemicals! That was too much. I had to think of something to get her off my back and more importantly out of my shop.

I suggested to her that I know of a very good natural cure. It's called Poppy Plant. She could try looking for more info online or something. "It's natural?" she asked.

Well. The name is Poppy Plant. It's a plant. Of course it's natural.

She seemed quite satisfied and thanked me for the helpful information before leaving my shop.

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