Sent a shoplifter to jail over $7 earrings!
Date: Sunday, February 10 @ 16:23:11 EST
Topic: Customers Suck

I guess this could be more of a success story instead of a rant.

I'm a college student and I've worked part-time at a junior's clothing store for almost three years now. We have a huge shoplifting problem. About a year and a half ago, on a really slow day (like Tuesday at 11 am or something), these two teenage girls (over 18 though) come in the store and start making small talk with us. Our policies change constantly, and at this time, we didn't really have a specific fitting room policy. These girls kept going in and out of the fitting room, trying on everything they possibly could, telling us that they were just having fun--they were trying on ridiculous outfits and laughing...stuff like that. They also kept discussing loudly how they had no money at all. Obviously we "kept an eye" on them. After they left (not buying anything), we checked the fitting room and found only one small tag--for a pair of $7 earrings. At the time, the company didn't have any specific rules about catching shoplifters and we could pretty much do what we wanted in that type of situation, so a manager and I walked through the mall until we found them eating in a Chinese restaurant (no money, eh?) We showed them the tag and asked if they knew where the earrings were. They said no. We explained that they had been the only people in the fitting room that day, and again, could they tell us where the earrings were. They said no again. We asked them to open their bags (once again, most companies don't allow this, but ours had no policy at the time=amazing), and one of the girls refused, saying she had "personal items" in her purse. We said we were going to call security...while my manager was calling them, the girl finally said, "Okay, okay" and opened her bag and pulled out (shocker) the earrings. She then starts crying and gives them back to me, asking me not to call security--she'll even go back to the store and pay for them. We refuse, despite her bawling that she's already on probation for theft and she doesn't want to go to jail. She continues to plead with me for about 15 minutes, but, alas, I tend to be heartless. When security arrives, we go back into the office and I have to explain everything...the police come, etc. I ended up having to go to court as a witness and I had to explain my story to the judge. The girl's lawyer goes into this huge speech about how she has personal issues including bipolar disorder, depression, self mutilation, etc. The funniest thing about that is that he started the whole thing with, "Not that this would affect my client's case but..." Anyway, the dumb bitch, who violated her probation, had to go to jail for a year, but could only fulfill this time on weekends...basically she won't be having any fun for a long time. Even the judge made a comment about how stupid she was...and all over $7 earrings!

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