What's in a check? Way too much....
Date: Saturday, February 09 @ 17:00:00 EST
Topic: Customers Suck

I used to work behind the counter at a convenience store in Delmar, Maryland. Regardless of where I've worked, people put a lot of their ego in a check, forgetting that checks are a relic of a more trusting time. This was especially true there; if I literally hesitated a split second taking someone's check, they'd go nuts.
"It's good!" because people are SO honest when they give you a bad check.
One guy asked me if I would cash his bedridden sister’s child support check. I said that she would have to come in. He wasn’t having it. “She can’t get out of bed!”

I apologized, explaining that we weren’t a bank when I noticed that what he had was a check stub that was endorsed like it was a check.
“Is that the check?”, I asked, pointing at the stub.
“That’s a check stub.”
“No, that’s a check . It’s got her name and the amount.”
“So does a check stub, that’s not signed.”
He huffed his way out of the store. The next customer was shaking his head during this whole exchange. I thought it was because of the stupidity of the situation, but it turns out he knew him. He told me he was crackhead that recently tried to sell him a wornout carburator as new.
I said, “He was trying to cash his sister’s child support check stub.”
He said, “He doesn’t even have a sister."

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