My Strangest Customer
Date: Saturday, February 09 @ 01:05:39 EST
Topic: Customers Suck

After 3.5 years in retail, I've seen some real weirdos. By far and away, the strangest customer I have ever seen was this African (?) couple who came into my store while their *bodyguards* waited outside. I worked in a really shlock junior girls clothing store, so why anyone who needs bodyguards would want to shop there is beyond me. (As a disclaimer, I want to admit total ignorance of the details of African culture on any level)

Anyway, it was around 6 pm, and only myself and one other associate were in the store. The man came in, dressed in an African looking robe/garment and matching pillbox shaped hat. He was swiping at himself with what looked like a horse tail every few seconds. It was an interesting sight. He comes up to the counter and asks if the shop could be cleared for his wife. An odd request, but it's a small store and the mall was dead, and I wanted to know what was up with these people. So I said it was Ok.

The man signals the the guards(?) with a flick of his horsetail and a woman covered from head to toe in black (except for the eyes) comes in and starts to shop. When she goes to use the dressing room, a guard stands outside the dressing room doors, even though there is no one else in the store and there are guards at the front.

Eventually she finishes and he buys some of the items, all of which were shiny and sparkly peices cheap of garbage (typical of the inventory my store carried). I never heard her say a word.

I don't think this counts as a complaint, but they were definitely the weirdest customers I ever had.

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