The Audit
Date: Friday, February 01 @ 21:34:30 EST
Topic: Corporate Sucks

Ok, My story is a long one so I'll try to put it in as few words as possible.

I've been working at CATO FASHIONS, a womens clothing store, as the acting store manager for 3 months. I was hired in October and experienced all the joys of limited staffing, long hours, and phone calls at home non stop for dumb *&#$.

One time at home the second assistant manager called me because she couldn't find the small bags we put the change in to separate it. She was seriouly freaking out about it. She didn't know what to do. If she put all the change together in the deposit bag it would be all mixed up.

Now, when I got hired I knew there was going to be a whole set of new, as they say in retail, challenges. But, this was ridiculous. Not only did my second assistant need directions on how to breath but I didn't have a first assistant. That left me working as the only manager from open to close.

My first audit was only after a month of working there. Now, my training was spent one week with the store manager that was leaving and the next week in the back room reading the entire policy and proceedure manual. Needless to say not great.

Not only did my district manager not walk me through the audit she waited until I had left to get with my second assistant and had her fill out the action plan. (The same second assistant who had the change freak out)

Oh, yeah... And, my district manager decided to take a medical right after that.

And then my second assistant quit

Well, we survived the holiday and now was the time for the stores inventory. I got new management and I was really starting to feel positive about the direction the store was goint in. We cleaned and zoned and scanned and tagged and it was all set ready to go.

The first couple of hours of inventry went great. Then, my district manager showed up. In the middle of the inventory I noticed that she was going through the notebooks and paperwork.


I just don't even know how to describe how I feel right now. She marked me off for the stupidest things. Things that I could have easily fixed right then and there. She marked me off for having old signs in the back room. IN THE BACK ROOM!!!

So, I'm sure you know where I'm going with this. I asked her if there was any way I could just fix those problems right now because I really didn't want to get another bad auidt score. She said her hands were tied.

So, I was given a choice... Volunarily step down or she would fire me.

I've worked nearly every day for the last three months without my district manager, poor training, limited staff, and averaging 60 hours a week. I haven't missed a single day and I've covered shifts for all the new management in the store. She even said to me that I had a great work ethic!!!

I just don't know what to say to that.

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