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How to Kill a Bookstore
Contributed by eusuchian on Wednesday, August 03 @ 09:43:32 EDT
With Borders going out of business, I thought it might be a good time to review the procedures for killing off a bookstore. Note that I’m not saying this is actually what killed off Borders – from what I’ve read around the Internet, the main factors were poor real estate deals, falling behind the technology curve (particularly with the Web, where they gave away their website to Amazon for several years, and being slow to get involved with e-readers), and poor management by executives who didn’t know the book business. But the following are things that make it hard for bookstores to remain profitable.

1.       HIDE THE MERCHANDISE. You look through a book to see if you want it, then decide otherwise. Just drop it randomly in the store. If you take a diet book and leave it in the Sports section, it will stay there until someone reorganizes the Sports section or happens to notice it. This way, if a customer actually comes looking for the book, neither they nor the associates will be able to find it. Lost sale = lost money, not to mention lost time by the employee searching through the Diet section trying to find it. Another way to hide books is to place one faced out in front of a different book. I have had people do this right in front of me after I handed them the book. They invariably say, “I didn’t know where it went.” Really? At home do you put books behind other books on the shelf?

2.       DESTROY THE MERCHANDISE. This is an obvious tactic. Bookstores today encourage browsing. Take advantage of this, and when you see a page that looks useful, just tear it out of the book. You could also write in the book or highlight passages you find interesting. This has the double advantage of not just costing the bookstore, but also pissing off the customer who buys the book only to find the damage as they’re reading. This is especially popular with newspapers, which brings us to…

3.       LEAVE THE NEWSPAPERS IN A CONDITION THAT THEY AREN’T FIT FOR LINING A BIRDCAGE. Here’s a bit of information: It is impossible for bookstores to make money on newspapers. The profit on a newspaper is less than 10 cents. This means that if we sell every copy of every newspaper that we receive each morning, the time spent bringing them in from the delivery box and bringing them to the rack eats up more payroll than we make on the papers. But of course, we don’t sell every paper. Half the papers are rendered unsellable by people who read them fold them over, and scatter the sections all over the store. We can get credit for the copies we return, but not if they are destroyed or half missing. Plus we have to spend the time bringing yesterday’s copies back to the delivery box and trying to figure out which sections go to which paper.

4.       USE THE BOOKSTORE TO RESEARCH YOUR THESIS/BUSINESS VENTURE/EXPEDITION. Sure, I have looked through books trying to find information. But I take one or two books and then put them back, even when I go to a competing bookstore. It’s simple respect, like my parents – who are not hyenas – taught me. No, if you want to close a bookstore, you have to work at it. Round up about 10, 20, maybe even 30 books. Then leave them in a gigantic stack in the café. Mix in parts of a newspaper for added effect. The key here is to gather up as many books as possible and buy nothing.

5.       TREAT THE EMPLOYEES AS PERSONAL SHOPPERS. I am always happy to find books for customers, especially if they are actually considering buying them. But I can’t spend two hours helping you pick out a dozen books that you have no intention of buying.

6.       USE THE BOOKSTORE AS A TOILET. No, that’s not sarcasm. On at least three different occasions, I have had to clean up feces from the floor. Not dog crap, but actual human solid waste. That’s not including the time I had to remove it from the urinal in the men’s room. And speaking of restrooms…

7.       BRING MAGAZINES INTO THE MEN’S ROOM. Usually men’s magazines. Would YOU want to buy a magazine that had been on the floor of a public restroom? I’ve never done this myself, but my guess is that they are NOT reading the articles. We have to throw these out. But to account for it in the inventory, we have to mark it down in the computer. It is entered as “Known Theft.” But actually I’d rather you really did steal it. That way I wouldn’t have to handle your masturbation material.

8.       COME UNPREPARED. This is stock material to bookstore veterans, but the standard joke (except it’s not a joke) is the customer who comes in looking for a book. They don’t know the title. They don’t know the author. They have, at best, a vague description of the book (it’s a spy novel). But they do remember one thing about it: It has a blue cover. OK, first of all, I can’t enter into my computer, “blue cover,” and even if I could, that would narrow it down to, oh, maybe 30,000 titles.

9.       TREAT THE BOOKSTORE AS A LENDING LIBRARY. Bookstores make money by SELLING books. If you buy them, read them, and return them, the store makes no money. Eventually it will go out of business. Then you have no more books.

10.   DEMAND DISCOUNTS FOR EVERYTHING. If you’re giving a gift, you want it to be perfect. But a book for yourself to read? Sure, that little crease on the corner of the cover will affect the words inside, making it impossible to get the benefit of the book. Demand a 50% discount, even though the store gets full credit by sending it back to the publisher.

11.   HOLD THE BOOKSTORE ACCOUNTABLE FOR PUBLISHING DECISIONS. So, you enjoyed The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and The Girl Who Played with Fire? No doubt you’re eager to read the third book in the trilogy, The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest. And you want it in paperback. But the book hasn’t been published in paperback yet. There isn’t even a release date set. This, of course, is the bookstore’s fault. By the way, that other book that just came out yesterday – it’s out in paperback now, right?

12.   ON-SALE DATES ARE FOR SUCKERS. The publisher won’t allow the book to be sold until August 9, but you can make an exception for me, right? Just to clarify: if a bookstore violates a strict on-sale date, they can be fined by the publisher. Do you think that’s worth selling YOU the book early? In some cases, the publisher may even refuse to restock the book. So, when the last Harry Potter book went on sale, do you think you’re SO SPECIAL that it was worth not being able to sell any copies of the book ever again?

Of course the usual tactics always apply: theft, passing counterfeit bills, abuse of the staff, etc., but most of the methods above apply specifically to bookstores.

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Re: How to Kill a Bookstore (Score: 1)
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Re: How to Kill a Bookstore (Score: 1)
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Re: How to Kill a Bookstore (Score: 1)
by stevenfgerrad on Thursday, October 22 @ 09:08:50 EDT
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Re: How to Kill a Bookstore (Score: 1)
by wqwq on Thursday, August 18 @ 21:34:42 EDT
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