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My Sorry Life
Contributed by aeroplane23 on Monday, August 01 @ 20:43:41 EDT
I've only worked at my current job around a month, but I can vividly remember the epic gems of customers I've had (the most horrible).  

As cashiers we have to put up with a lot.  People babbling on their cell phones while they come through your lane and ignoring your greeting, people snapping about how something's priced wrong though it's not your fault it rang up the way it did, people misusing coupons and then getting furious about it, people throwing their change on the counter for you to pick up, people who claim that "they have change" and take 5 minutes to get it out of their pocketbook...the list goes on.  Here are a couple of my worst stories, for me to get off my chest, and for your reading enjoyment:

1. "You lost YOUR money"

So old woman, her husband and I guess her grandson come through my lane first time.  Her husband and grandson are agreeable and nice enough, but I can just tell something's up with her when she snatches the shirt I was folding (something we're not required to do) and tells me she'll fold it (cuz I'm doing it a bit messily).  Whatever. Rub it off.   But, they come back. Forgot the vaseline.  Her husband gives me a twenty, but she has change.  Yes, the all-important change.  As I'm accepting the 20, I notice she's putting the change on the conveyor belt, causing it to start moving, and causing the dime to slip underneath the end of the belt.  She says harshly "you lost YOUR money. I told you you were going to lose it.  YOU did it." Me meekly, "do you have another dime mam?" Witch: "No.  I have a dollar which I'm NOT breaking."  So, what do I do? I take the twenty and the change that did NOT fall under, and put it into the POS. And hand back her husband the dollars and the NINETY cents in change. He doesn't care.  

2. "I no buy from you!"

Ah, foreign customers. Some of you are pleasant enough. Some of you cannot understand a word I say. Others, though...well I must say, the great majority of my worst customers cases (except for the above story), are foreign.  Don't know why.  So woman comes through my lane on her phone, which in my dinky mood already irritates me. Her cart is really far away, so I *toss* her bag in.  She becomes irate and starts screaming at me in her broken English.  "I am talking to my daughter's baby, very important!"  If it's so important (talking to an infant), why are you doing it while shopping? "I come here to buy things, I am going to complain about you!" She continues yelling for 4 minutes then finally yells, "I no buy from you!" then grabs her bag, leaves her cart in the way of my other customers, and goes to complain to another cashier and the supervisor. Dumb bitch.

3. "Why would you ask that?"

Ah, another foreigner. Wielding a food stamps card.  She is hard to understand, but telling me she wants separate orders.  She doesn't say she has food stamps, I see it in her hand, but she doesn't say.  I ask her what she wants separately, and she gestures.  She gives me a gift card, and I'm unclear--does she want to pay for the non-food items with the gift card?  When I ask to clarify, she becomes very rude.  "WHY would you ask that?  I can't pay for those with the food stamps" (uhm, you have a gift card too, so...).  She hits her forehead, gesturing that I'm an idiot when she's the one who can barely string a sentence together, and also she's the one who is unaware you can ring up everything and the food stamps will cover the food and leave a remaining balance for the non applicable items.  And yes, I was unsure what you wanted to use the GIFT card for.  Bitch.

4.  "I get a discount"

An african lady comes through the checklane with around 7 kids running around and crying. From the start she is noticeably rude, when she babbles something about the shoes being the wrong size but I can't understand. Neither can she.  So I ask, do you want them? And she rolls her eyes and is like, "yeah" like I'm an idiot.  Then she says she has a discount, because she's a "visitor". What kind of discount, I ask.  How much?  She shrugs. A discount--they give them to me everywhere I go.  I call the manager.  He is as baffled as me, then confirms that no, we don't give discounts to "visitors".  (Why should you get a special discount if you're from a another country? wtf)  

Later, I ask if she wants to save 5% by opening one of our store's CREDIT cards.  She calls over the woman she's with. She asks if she will get the 5% now, I say yes, but try to tell them that it's a CREDIT card, which you must apply for, and you may not be accepted. But I can tell they can't understand half of what I'm saying.  After she fills out her information, of course the computer says they can't approve her at this time, and that they need to confirm more information and it will take 7 days or so. (Obviously she doesn't have good credit, or something....who knows) I should have known, really. I tell her this, they don't seem to get it. The nasty woman says it's CASH, though I already know this..  Says to me nastily when she realizes she's not getting a discount, You TOLD me that I get 5%" I try to politely say that I said it was a credit card, so you have to apply.  But if she's approved, she can certainly come back for her 5%.  She angrily gives me her money.  Then asks for five more of my plastic bags, all of which will most likely end up in a landfill soon enough.  

Some people are so dumb. Who doesn't know that it's possible you will NOT be approved for a store credit card?  I've learned now, do NOT offer the card to foreigners.  I try not to prejudiced.  But it's just the truth of the game.

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