Knowing a Foodstamper
Date: Wednesday, August 14 @ 13:07:20 EDT
Topic: Customers Suck

I work at a grocery store and see all kinds of people. What I have discovered is that while there may be thousands of different people, they generally all fit into just a handful of groups that are all very predictable, once you have gotten enough experience with them. One of these groups is what I call, "Foodstampers". About half the time, when a person is walking up to the checkstand, I can guess correctly that they are going to be on foodstamps. Some of the giveaways are a combination of the following attributes:

-They are covered in tattoos
-They are dressed in dirty, poor-looking clothes
-They are clearly exhibiting signs of someone on drugs
-They are overweight, rail-thin, missing teeth, half or unshaven, or otherwise look unhealthy
-They look like they haven't showered in a long time
-They are often young to middle aged (It's very rare to see someone 70+ years of age on foodstamps)
-They buy extremely unhealthy, packaged, food that people who make their own money would not buy in such large quantities (Example: a shopping cart full of little debbies, potato chips, bakery goods, and hamburger helper)
-They often seem to lack any gratitude for the fact that they are receiving their food for free
-Often have a "negative vibe" about them

I would say the majority, not all, foodstampers exhibit some combination of the above qualities.

One thing that really irritates me is when I see someone on foodstamps come in and blow through twenty bucks on something like deli food, a soda, and a couple bags of ice (all food stamp eligible), rather than using it wisely on items like a bag of potatoes and some fruit (or whatever). It also irritates me when I see someone on foodstamps come in, blow through money on crap, then pay for their liquor and whatever else with cash. They can't afford food, but they can afford liquor.

The intended purpose of foodstamps, which is to help people in need who are going through tough times, is a complete failure, I think. And I say that as someone who sees hundreds of people on foodstamps each month. From what I can tell, people on foodstamps generally do not really need them. They are either drug users who use the money they save from having to buy food and go buy drugs (probably with money from their unemployment checks), or, much more common, they are people who if they spent their money wiser in the first place, combined with a little hard work, would absolutely not need to be on them in the first place. I would argue with total confidence that there are almost no people on foodstamps whom are truly in a position where they need them. At the end of the day, 95%+ of people on foodstamps are just using them because they can. They wouldn't have to if they really wanted.

One more thing. When I hear statistics like "People in America living in poverty live an average of X amount of years less than people not living in poverty", now I feel I know why. It's because the people living in poverty are often, not always, using drugs, eating like crap, and/or are generally in a poor state of mental, spiritual, and/or physical health. That's why they are in poverty in the first place. A motivated, goal driven, outgoing person is more likely to eat healthier, become wealthier, and live longer than someone who is unmotivated and just living to exist. Poverty is very often the dependent variable, not the independent variable, and foodstamps do nothing but encourage the very lifestyle that brings people to poverty in the first place

I don't support getting rid of foodstamps completely, I just think the system needs to be redesigned. Instead of "Foodstamps" (the Government just paying for you to buy anything you want resembling food), I think the Government should supply eligible people with actual food items, like a sack of potatoes, some fresh fruit or vegetables, and some other basics. No more soda and bags of ice. No more captain crunch and pizza. Only the items that someone who is truly in need would be able to use and appreciate (If I was hungry and couldn't afford food for myself or my family, I would be very thankful and grateful just to have something like mashed potatoes with a few apples. It should only be temporary anyway until the circumstances got better in my life such that I could start buying my own food again anyway. Friends, family, community, Church, etc. could help out with anything else I might want/need.)

If the Government were to do this, 90% of people on foodstamps would go away. A drug user has no use for a bag of potatoes, and neither does the young student in college who just wants to be able to afford their burgers and pizza every night. And the people who really need the assistance would be getting the assistance they need, while encouraging them to improve their lives.

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