No public bathroom? No problem!
Date: Thursday, July 25 @ 10:00:15 EDT
Topic: Customers Suck

I work in a chain dollar store in a bad part of town. My job includes throwing out prostitutes and thieves, gang bangers, etc. Middle aged overweight frizzy haired lady came in and asked for the bathroom. I'll call her Miss Frizzle. By law, we do not have to provide a public restroom. Sometimes we are being nice and will let little kids pr pregnant ladies go- but we have to take them. Miss Frizzle wasn't happy and was holding her large stomach in to keep from peeing on herself. She walks outside and stops approximately 6 feet from our front door, pulls down her shorts & underwear and proceeds to pee a river of urine into the parking lot. Seemed like she peed for 5 minutes straight. All the employees and customers were watching her and gagging. My weak stomached coworker starts heaving into his trash can. Wimp! Miss Frizzle comes back into the store after drip drying and goes to the feminine hygiene section. She picks out a $2 douche- Summer Fresh or something like that- and brings it to the counter. I do not even want to touch the product so I use a plastic bag to turn it over to scan the barcode. Guess what? her debit card declines, she doesn't even have $2.13 to pay for her douche to clean up her nasty self. Gross. It's about 90 degrees Fahrenheit outside and she smells of cigarettes, urine, and just plain filth. She's got no money so she leaves. So effing disgusting. I had to put the douche back on the shelf to sell. Immediately after that, I went and scrubbed my hands and arms to rid myself of her germs and memory.

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