Parents are more destructive than kids
Date: Wednesday, April 17 @ 15:20:37 EDT
Topic: Customers Suck

I work at a children's clothing store. You'd think that the kids would be the most destructive, running around flipping clothes here and there, but no. It's the parents. I actually have two stories. One day the store was completely full, and I was the ONLY employee working the floor. I had about five customers at a time asking for help, and one woman in particular couldn't find the clothes in the size she wanted for her daughter, so she asked me to take the clothes off the mannequin to see if they were the right size. The problem? The mannequin was attached by bungee cables to the ceiling. I had to drag out a 10 ft. ladder, un-hook and undress the mannequin, while answering questions from the five OTHER customers who came up to my ladder to ask. She made me undress three mannequins that day and walked out without buying anything. The other story actually happened yesterday. We had a table with over 300-400 shirts that are supposed to be folded in nice stacks. After a day of shopping, the table was a huge mess of unfolded shirts, so I had to 'recover' and fold each and every shirt into a stack. Four hours later, I'm ALMOST FINALLY done, when a woman sees me standing there folding, and begins destroying the stacks I had JUST folded to look for a few shirts. Parents, you SUCK.

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