Angry phone customer
Date: Tuesday, March 26 @ 16:33:43 EDT
Topic: Customers Suck

A customer had just placed an order online for a 14oz can of lubricant that was listed for a dollar on the website. After searching the store for about 30 minutes and not finding it, I check the computer and find that we were supposed to have two cans left in stock, but seeing that it was on sale in store for half price, I figured we mus be out and the count was wrong. So I called the customer to let him know that I couldn't find the item and that I could cancel his order and give him a full refund or keep the order and call him when we received more. He began getting extremely furious and said "Are you trying to steal my money?!? You've already charged my card and now you're telling me you don't have it? Why does your website say its in stock if you don't have it?" So calmly, I replied, "I understand and I apologize, but I can't find any on our shelves. I'm not trying to take your money so if you'd like I'll give you a full refund or I can even discount it to half price for you and I'll give you a call back when we have more." In response to my offer, he says, "NO!! YOU'RE TRYING TO STEAL MY MONEY!! JUST F*** OFF!!" and then hung up. I guess that's what I get for trying to be nice. 

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